ERICA MENA: Bow Wow beats his baby mama


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Bow Wow’s ex girlfriend, Erica Mena, has revealed to the world that he is an abuser of women.

Two days ago,Bow Wow shared a photo of him and his baby mama, Joie Chavis, at the club, and another  of her in his house on his instagram page.

We all deserve to be Happy,”Bow Wow captioned the photos.

Erica saw the picture, and replied.

Now he can go back to beating her a– again. I’m good dealing with his Little man complex.”

Don’t be bitter,I’m allowing you to collect what’s left of those CBS checks. I’m not showing the world who you really are. Be grateful for it”, Erica stated.

On seeing this , Joie fights back.

Beat? When? Where? I NEVER say anythingg [sic] but this s— is just unacceptable, and ridiculous to say the least,” she said. “Shad has never laid a finger on me, so dead it!” Joie relied.