My ex-boyfriend is threatening me


I am Becky from Edo State.

I had an affair with a boy since school.

We were together in the same class then we joined the same college.

Everything was going well until we completed our college and moved ways apart.

He went to join an engineering school and I opted to study more and went abroad for MBA.

Long distance relationship was getting really hard for me to manage.

The pressure of studies and living abroad alone, both things were making my life more difficult.

And above all that, my boyfriend… he was becoming more and more possessive for me.

I started feeling as if I am caged.

There is a time difference between here and the US, but my boyfriend did not want to understand this.

He used to call me during the day when it was night there.

I couldn’t focus on my studies.

After the result of my first semester which was really bad, I decided to part our ways.

After trying for a week, we finally had a breakup.

Then my husband came into my life.

He is also a Nigeran.

He was a senior to me at that time.

We started spending time together.

He was my only support in the US.

Within no time, we both fell for each other and decided to get married as soon as we complete our MBA and go back to Nigeria.

Then we came to Nigeria and got married.

Now, it has been 2 years since our marriage.

Last week, my ex-started texting me on WhatsApp.

I don’t know where he got my number.

He is threatening me that he will tell everything about our relationship with my husband.

Problem is that I never discussed my past relationship with my husband.

I had a physical relationship with my ex too.

He has few pictures of ours in which I am hugging him and kissing him on his cheeks.

He showed me the pictures.

He says that he will come to my house if I don’t meet him.

I am really scared.

My husband is really a nice and calm person and he loves me to the core.

I am scared that all this might ruin my married life.

Please help me!
I don’t want to hurt my husband.

Please suggest what should I do?
Thanks in advance!



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