Excerpt from Efe Money’s Interview with Vibe


Before Big Brother, Efe had risen to reasonable fame in Plateau State, following his victory as the winner of a music reality show founded by Big Brother Africa Season 4 winner Kevin Pam.  Remembering that Jos is easily the capital of Nigerian hip-hop, Efe chose to create his own style of basic pidgin rap; one which was utterly different from all the metaphors and punchlines, that he was surrounded by. The release of ‘Based on Logistics’ and ‘Somebody,’ met various sentiments but the most popular opinions judged the tracks as lacking structural coordination and lyrical depth.

Efe regrets 2 things. One of them is not practicing and reinforcing his style of art for all to see while in the Big Brother House, and the second being that he should have first created and released conventional rap materials to show and prove his ability before introducing his style.He is not all that bothered though. Bigbrothernaija

He mentions that he and his producer sidekick- Duktoh Sett, paid to professionally learn the nitty-gritty of music making in their teenage years and when he later gained admission to study Economics, it was really because he wanted to utilize the knowledge for music business).

BBNHowever, what he certainly will no longer condone, is the outright disrespect from the immature supporters of his former teammates. He is of the belief that the only reason why they religiously attack his music is simply because they had no dirt on him during and after he left the Big brother House.This state of mind is partly what led to the radical set of tweets that accompanied the announcement of his latest E.P. which he purposely titled Am Sorry, Am Winning.

‘Art is sweet. Music is sweet…’

Needless to say, Efe’s title choice of “Am Sorry, Am Winning” is everything but a typo. I’m made to understand that it is infact, a deliberate attempt to annoy; an intentional act to get on the nerves of anyone who chooses to be offended by it.

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