Excerpt of Timaya’s Interview with Vibe.ng


Timaya is no doubt one of the most celebrated artist of this time in our country, he’ll always drop hit after hit and his sense of style and sense of humor, you can’t help but love, we love him and so when he did this interview, i gave it my time and it was worth the read.

What would you say is the most important thing you have learned in all your years in the industry?

Timaya: The process has to do with a lot with patience. Life is a process no matter what you try. It’s better to be original and stick to your thing than to rush it. It’s a process: do you and don’t care about what people say. I think it’s patience and the process.

Are you likely to be married anytime soon?

Timaya: No. I’m not a marriage material. I’m not ready for that.

Did you have a plan B when you started music?

Timaya:  No plan B o. I never had a plan B because music is my first love. I love to sing. That’s the only thing that I can do. It makes me happy and complete. Making money wasn’t the aim, being happy was the aim. I feel blessed because I’m happy doing what I love to do and I’m making a whole lot of money from doing what I love to do.

Did you actually sell plantain?

Timaya: I wouldn’t be talking about it if I didn’t do it. Of course, I sold plantain. From Monday to Fridays I’d go to school, on Saturday mornings my mother would shade a lot of plantains. The whole bunch would be like N1,200 which is like N40 each in smaller bunches. I guess that’s what really affected my height. Imagine carrying that worth of plantain on your head. If you’re blessed sometimes you could see a buyer that would just buy everything. I think I’m happy I did; very happy I did.Timaya

If ten years down the line Emma says, “Daddy I want to do music”, how would you respond?

Timaya: Whatever makes her happy, 10 or 20 years down the line. If today she tells medaddy I want to be a stripper, that’s her life. I brought her into this world. I just need to make her understand what is good and bad, what is right and wrong. Sometimes what you think is wrong for the child can be good for the child. Imagine, my father wanted me to be a banker, how? That’s not what I wanted to be. I followed my dream. Just imagine if my parents had stopped me. This music that they never wanted me to do is what is taking the whole family somewhere, so, I think I should allow my daughter express herself.

What does ‘Ah Blem Blem’ mean?

Timaya: I don’t even know the meaning o. One day I went to this 24-hour supermarket in Lekki, with King Perryy and a few others. Sometimes we check ourselves into a hotel, with a producer and a mobile studio, just to feel a different vibe to record. So at 2.am, we went to that supermarket when one guy came to me and said, “osha blem blem”. I was like what isosha blem blem and he said ‘The overall boss. You enter everywhere, everywhere spoil’. So I gave him like N10,000 and said, nice, I like it. I got back to the studio, Micon started playing a beat and I just started singing the hook. I record off the top of my head most times.

Do we know the lady in your life?

Timaya:  Whichever lady you people see, take it, because you might not see her again or you may still see her again. That’s Timaya for you.