Exclusive: My Doctor stepfather injects me and have sex with me everyday – Lady narrates her life ordeal


A Nigeria lady name withheld have shared this sad story with us.According to the single mother of one,she want to share this story to teach the younger ones especially girls how terrible life can be without both parents.

She wrote:

”It a story of a young girl who live with are family except her father,the mother always live them alone and they are all from different fathers,my mother will go out for months without dropping any thing for us to feed on, so my elder brother will go out stealing for us to survive,she want out one day as usual living us witha 3months old baby girl, that letter die in my hands and all my mother said is that God gives and take we continued living the way we were, there was was this man that lives in the house with us always beat my mum because of her life style he was always complaining of the way she leaves us behind but she will tell  he to go out and make money before he can talk or marry her the relationship they share made me and my sidings never understand them all i know is that he treated us as his children  when ever he goes out and make money he will feed us all finally he left the house me and my siblings continued suffering  we were four boys and one girl me after the other one die.
I was a product of rape from different men even to  the place my mother took me to as a mother i know we are close to our children but mine was different because she never care all she know is her beauty and money she did not even know her child was defiled only one caring neighbor that was aunty Ekaite that sometimes took care of us,my kid brother fell sick one day and as the days go by it became worse thank God she came back home on time this time around who else am speaking of the queen of beauty,my mom came back and carry him away and that was the last time me and my brothers saw him last.
She came back after some days or months and took me away,  on our way she ask me if am ask of my name i should tell my name is chioma Blessing and the surname she told me when we got there i did as I was told by my mother, my mother took me to a man she said is my father and his wife my step mother I stay and lived with them the woman has no children then she beats me up every day even when am wrong or right .I live there till my secondary education i was in ss2 when they ask me to live the house.
I live in the street for  two year before i saw my mother coming out of a hospital i decided to go and see the person she went to visit and i saw my kid brother that she took from us when he was sick i ask him what he was doing there, he did not recorgnised me.
I start explaining my self but he did not understand so he told me that the doctor was his father so i told him that i will like to speak to him which i did he ask me to live with him which i did,i start living with him and his children but there was something he was doing.Instead of asking me to sleep in my kid brother’s room he told me to sleep in his own room.
I discovered that each time  i wake  up i notice my body was wet,one night i decided to pretend i was fast asleep he wanted to inject me, i stood up and i started crying and he told me not to tell any one or else he will not send me to the university,after some days i confided in my kid brother I told my brother what his dad did he was angry and feel sorry for me when my mother come i told her what happened she started shouting that i have finished her after that she and my step dad started becoming close  after same days he asked me to go to my mother village i told him i don’t know her village he said my kid brother know her home town the one she got for another man.
So we travel with the promise to go to school from there it was just a promise that did not come to pass,me and brother my mother’s last child,we stay there till my mother’s elder brother ask me and my brother to live that he does not know us .We gathered money with the help of his mother my grand ma who later told me some truth about my self and my sidings i came back to lagos with my kid brother .
My mother took my kid brothers from me and i started roaming the street of Lagos. No friends No brother No sister so i live with someone who happened to be my childhood friend.
I got pregnant and i have a child,when i told him I was pregnant he asked me to remove it that he was not ready to be a father i could not so I decide to keep it.
That is my child that am so proud of but am scared of my child because my life is one big hell my step Father is late and we live there with my brother,the man happens to live reckless life he has 6 children from different women,the other children don’t live there with me and my brother one of the male child is making life miserable for me, there is no name people has not call me,bastard is my nickname am tired already am giving up already.
i want to put a smile on my daughter’s lips. My kid brother is also there, there is no job . I pray  for God to grant our heart desire for a new home and a businesses we can stand on. Our life is in God hand .my step father male child makes it one big hell for me,child and brother.He is doing all these because i said she can not sale the house without the consents of our other siblings.