Facial deformities: Iran bans ‘ugly’ teachers from the classroom


The education department in Iran has banned ugly teachers from the classroom, including teachers with facial hair or those with acne.

FARS news agency released a list of proscribed ailments, including having a scar or a fungal infection.

It was stated that anyone who is cross-eyed, with facial moles or has terrible skin conditions such as acne or eczema faces redundancy.

Women who have facial hair will also be sacked, along with teachers who have no fewer than 20 teeth or those suffering a fungal infection.

In Iran, women are allowed to teach but their hair must be covered with a scarf.

Infertile females will also be banned from the classroom and art teachers who suffer colour blindness will be sacked.

Euro news reports that social media users in the country have reacted, by attacking the rules and calling the advisor to President Hassan Rouhani to investigate the list.




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