Facts you never knew


lion_tongueThere are certain facts that we don’t know about.

No matter how bizarre this might sound,it is actually true.

  1. Do you know that an elephant can die of heart break? difficult to believe but a fact nevertheless.When elephants suffer from heart break or a situation whereby their mate dies,they tend to lay down and shed tears,even starve themselves to death!
  2. The woman who invented chocolate chip cookies,Ruth Wakefield, actually sold it to Nestle in return for a lifetime supple of chocolates.
  3. Expiration dates on bottle water is for the bottle and not actually the water inside the bottle.
  4. When a Google employee dies,their spouses receive half pay from the company for 10years and their children receive 1,000 dollars per month…although that’s for high level executives.
  5. Women tend to be more attracted to men who are good with dogs and babies AND good girls are always attracted to bad guys!
  6. Lobsters grow very old and the older they get,the harder it is for them to molt their shell.
  7. An ant can live up to twenty nine year old.
  8. A tiger’s tongue can lick a flesh down to the bone.

Am sure you never knew all that…but now you do.

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