Father of Footballer Murdered By SARS Official Fought With His Son’s Killer (Video)


The death of former Remo Star defender, Tiyamiyu Kazeem (Kaka) has sent jitters down the spine of a lot of social media users. That’s one potential short for a country that needs all hands on deck in order to grow out of poverty.

A man identified as the father of the deceased was recorded in a video shared by Rugged Man, holding onto the alleged officer who killed his footballer son.

The man was glaringly agonizing as he grabbed the officer who was ready to take to his heels bar the grip. You can make out what he said if you understand Yoruba language…Read the English interpretation below:

‘I am dead, you must kill me too…my child! my child! my son still had dinner with me last night,’ 

Watch the video below: