Festac Children Christmas FunFair2017

Festac Children Christmas FunFair2017

It’s all about celebration this season, making children enjoy their holiday and the festive period as they mingle with other kids, playing together and even sharing the dance floor together, helping them to make new friends while having fun and winning gifts.

It was Festac children Christmas funfair2017 on Sunday and it was fun and interesting as the kids were able to play around and even won cartons of Indomie and other gift, painted faces and the music chair competition which was anchored by MC Chocolate, even raffle draws that made many kids a lucky winner.

Event which took place at F.H.A Field, 23rd Road Festac Town, Lagos, Nigeria was one event that’ll make the kids and their parent remember 2017 and smile at the how much fun they had, even worth gossiping about when school resumes

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