Find your Kind


So it’s Wednesday, the mid-week and the fashion for this day is just sophisticated and a casual look, losing that corporate vibe because it’s almost weekend, the time to experience the split personality of you and to know how crazy you can go, and how fun too, I know some people’s fun will be some people’s boredom, how sad, it’s good to be interesting though, get pumped up every time.

I know some crazy people, we read crazy things on the internet every day and you wonder the kind of sense that made the different us in this world, some people’s understanding and way of life, the callous and the wicked ones you’ll wonder, though those ones just makes you believe just in case you might be in doubt if there’s devil, those kinds just confirm to you that devil is real, in humans, but for the lovely people that thinks about making this place a better place, you’ll want to experience love, even lust.

Appreciating people cost nothing and it won’t take anything out of you, though some people might make you wish you didn’t compliment them, because they think most times you’re trying to start a conversation with them, especially that kind of conversation they are not ready for, some actions ruin some things, like many guys will say in my society, most ladies act ruin romance for the guys and now the guys are not romantic and the girls are complaining, but the guys are back with romance now, on their own accord and it’s really interesting and I can say the girls are enjoying it.

But guys how romantic can you be? Most girls now, though have that open mind to want to experience this, especially the civilized ones, guess we should all find our kind.