Five Useful morning routine tips for flawless skin


Do you want to pamper your skin and give it a healthy glow? Then adopt a morning routine that would benefit your skin. That is the key to having a flawless skin to be proud of. Ask any skin expert, a healthy morning skin routine would do wonders for your skin. Here, 5 morning routine for that flawless skin we all crave for:

  1. Start with cleansing

Washing your face in the morning is a must to get rid any lingering nighttime bacteria, dirt or makeup residue. Rinse with lukewarm water. Those with dry skin should use very hot or very cold water then pat dry with a clean towel used only for your face.

2. Exfoliate
Ensure that you run washcloth under lukewarm water and wring it out (so that it’s moist, not dripping), then rub it in small circles on your face, starting from your nose and working out towards your temples, forehead and chin to get rid of dead cells. The massaging action will also help to get rid of any morning facial swelling.

3. Morning drink
Starting your day with a glass of hot water with lemon and honey. It helps flush out toxins. It has enriched antioxidants that help skin glow while giving you a Vitamin C boost.

4. Massage
Massage your face every day with your fingertips for 2 minutes in circular motion. This would help increase blood circulation and give your skin a healthy glow. You could also try doing it with ice cubes wrapped in some cloth for added benefits and instant glow.

5. Exercise! Exercise! Exercise!
Sometimes we are guilty of not exercising. Truth is, early morning exercise is essential for gorgeous skin. More so, it promotes healthy circulation by increasing blood flow and reduces stress giving your skin a healthy glow.

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