Floyd Mayweather Says He’s Fighting Again In July for $10 Million


Floyd Mayweather says the exhibition fight business will be VERY good to him in 2019 — with 4 or 5 bouts lined up this year, which will pay him around $80 MILLION!!!

Remember, Floyd says he got $9 mil for tuning up Tenshin Nasukawa during a New Year’s Eve exhibition match in Japan … and he’s going BACK to Japan to fight again in July.

This time, Floyd says he’s fighting a former Japanese boxer (he’s not 100% sure who the guy is) — but tells us he’ll cash a $10 million check to go 3 rounds with his mystery opponent.

And, that’s just the beginning … Floyd says he’s got more fights lined up too.

So, why not book another full 12-round pro fight with a real contender? Floyd says he can make real money doing the exhibition fights with much less risk to his health.

“It’s all about being smart. My faculties are very important.”

Stay tuned …