Friday Funday


Thank God it’s Friday, the shout of today, life is always fun and interesting on Fridays, it’s on Friday you’ll want to do it all, to do you and experience like you’ve imagined, this day is made for fun, to experience life and the lust of life, the influence of post modernism.

Explore and find out your own truth, be the person you feel the world needs, guess that’s why they say the change start with you, you crave that change, we all do and with change comes a new world, new civilization, new knowledge that’s how we grow and growth we want.

Like The Weeknd said, only losers go to school, his reason is because they’ll only teach what they can prove, what they know, what they don’t know they won’t teach, the world fear what they don’t know, they prefer to stick to that bad that they know than a future truth, but when you explore you find out your own truth, guess you won’t need school if you do and that’s what we do on Friday, we find our truth.

It’s already closing time, how do you want to spend Friday night and the weekend? one thing though, don’t be boring because boring kills and it’s only when you’re alive that you can have maximum fun, and that’s what Friday is for.