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Getting those Bright Eyes this Season

Bright Eyes

Our eyes are the windows to our soul, and they don’t lie, when we’re tired, it shows in the eyes first. December’s indulgences of sugar and booze and late night celebrations, can take a toll on your skin.

  1. Curl your eyelashes.

The surratt eyelash curler fits more eye shapes than other curlers. To curl lashes well, get as close to the root as possible. Here’s the trick to getting it right every time: Regardless of which eye you’re on, angle the curler down toward your nose so the outer edge of the curler is tilted up this gets you that “glam” eyes wide open look. One end is a lash conditioner, which has a creamy consistency and isn’t too fibrous.

2. Chose shades that are complementary to your eye color.

Choose a shade that complements your eye color. In the last few years, natural makeup companies have really upped the ante with their pigmented options. “You want to smash the color into your lash line,”. You can use these as shadows on all of your lid for a softer look or as eyeliners if you need more definition.

3. Use eye cream morning and night.

Here’s the thing about natural eye creams: Many of them are emollient (a fancy word for oil-based), so applying them in the morning sometimes unintentionally removes your eye makeup. No one wants to look like a raccoon at noon! a weightless gel that has no effect on eye product in her experience working with clients. If you want to use an oil-based eye cream, she says go for it, just do so at night.

A lot of people are applying eye cream incorrectly. The skin under our eyes is migratory skin, which means that any product around the eye moves toward it as the day goes on. That’s why its recommended to apply eye cream on the orbital bone only (at least for daytime). You don’t need to go under the lash line unless your skin is very dry. A single pump is enough for both eyes. Using your ring finger, pat eye cream on the outer edge of orbital bone underneath the eyes, and then bring it upward to underneath the edge of your brow.

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