‘My girlfriend billed me N700k for hair’- Yung6ix


Nigerian rapper, Yung6ix has announced on social media that his girlfriend billed him the sum of N700,000 to make her hair.

And because it’s one of the things he does for love, he gave her the complete money, money big enough to buy a plot of land.

Yung6ix says his girlfriend asked for N700k for hair and he gave her lailasnews

That makes another Nigerian lady carrying a plot of land on her head! Lol.

28-year-old Yung6ix recently made the headlines when he claimed he spent N3million in a club and comedian Akpororo called him out in a joke, saying Yung6ix should have used the money to buy himself a hit record.

Expectedly, the joke did not go down well with Yung6ix, who took to his Instagram page to write:

“This life sha…Akpororo that I see as a big brother hating on me. You’ll never know who wants to see you fall. God is with us.”

In a later statement by his management, Yung6ix said:

“If you abuse an artist and he does not respond, it does not mean that he likes it. There is a difference between a good-natured gaffe and a career-threatening joke.

You can joke about my hair, voice, or a million other things. But don’t joke with my career. There are certain limits that you don’t cross but Akpororo crossed the line.

And when you cross the line, you should be ready for the consequences. Musicians spend millions just to shoot one music video, so you can’t just come from nowhere to take shots at someone who is working so hard. That is wicked and selfish. If you live in a glass house, don’t throw stones.”

When Yung6ix was asked if Akpororo ever reached out to him after that incident, he said, “No, he has not.”

Meanwhile, Akpororo refused to comment on the issue. When he was asked about the incident during a chat, Akpororo replied:

“I don’t have anything to say about the issue, God bless you.”