Wedding Day Saga:Guests in Shock as Nigerian Man Cancels Wedding on the D-Day


A Nigerian groom walked in to cancelled his wedding to his bride on the day they were supposed to be celebrating – The wedding day.

This story was narrated by a twitter user who wrote that the guests at the wedding were already seated waiting for the arrival of the couple.

Moments later, the groom walked into the wedding venue and made the shocking announcement.

She wrote

So today, we went for a wedding Got there, sat and we were waiting for the arrival of the couple. Only for the groom to walk in and announce that the wedding has been cancelled. I’m still shock.

She however didn’t state further the reason why the wedding was cancelled, or if at all the groom gave the reason for such decision.

The brings to mind a similar incident that happened last week in Lagos.

A video had surfaced on social media depicting a groom and his friends storming out of his wedding reception and saying loudly that he was tired of everything and would not be able to go further.

“I no do again” he could be heard saying in the video that immediately went viral across the internet.

One of the women in the video trying to calm the aggravated groom could be heard saying the lady had been caught several times cheating on her fiance.

One would wonder why he had to wait until the wedding to make his decision.