Happy New Month; Be Good and Wild

New Month Art

Today mark the beginning of soon to end month, the beginning of the end of the first quarter and we are grateful for the gift of life, the gift of existence and the strength to do all we wish to do, it’s a great month already and we wish you all a Happy New Month.

So this month we’ll be having Festac Fitness Walk, we just want to keep fit this year and it’s never too late to start, lots of more beautiful stories and shows we’ll be thrilling you with this month, chasing boredom away and putting a smile on all of your faces, especially those ones that love to read those crazy stories that’ll make you scream WTF.

But one thing though never forget to have fun every time and never try not to read something meaningful because you never can tell when it will come in handy and you’ll be proud you know something about that topic, knowledge is power they say, it can make you proud too, so use your data wisely.

So this month how wild can you go? how much fun are you willing to have, those bucket-list how many have you carried out, don’t just add to the list without ticking some off, don’t be boring, be alive and throw many caution to the wind, worry don’t solve anything, worry just make you sad and ugly and the last time i check nobody love to be ugly, even ugly hate ugly, so let’s create some pretty and handsome and flirt a little, explore your sultry side and say it like you mean it because words do matter.

So tell someone you love them like i’ll always say, be someone’s surprise and read something new, do something new and put a smile on as many people as you can’s face, be good and wild.