”I Have Three Vibrators,Every Woman Should At least Have One And Stop Depending On Men”Toke Makinwa(Video)


Nigerian Popular media personality and fashionista Toke Makinwa has advised all ladies to go get sex toys and not rely on men solely for their sexual satisfaction.

Controversial Toke said it’s unheard of for a woman not to have a vibrator in 2020. In a new video she shared online, she addressed women, saying: “You deserve orgasms.

“I think every female should have a vibrator. I mean, are you crazy? You don’t have one? In 2020? Like, dude, how do you even know what your body needs?”

“I have three types of vibrators I’d advise you to get,” she adds, then proceeds to list them and outline their features and peculiarity.

Watch the video below.