Heartwarming video shows little boy taking care of his younger sister while their mom write exams in class (Watch)

A little boy has become the center of attention on the internet after his quick thinking saved the day while their mom was in a classroom.

The video which emerged espousing this report captures the boy carrying and feeding his sister a bowl of pap just outside the classroom where his mum was reportedly sitting for a quiz.

A social media user uploaded the video online and asked netizens to draw a valuable lesson from it lumped on how to teach male children responsibility.

”Their mother was writing quiz, and his little sister was crying. He had no option than to mix her food and started feeding her. This little boy won my admiration today.

Learn to train your sons to be responsible because in the future they will be of help.

Train your sons just as you train your daughters.

If his mother had not train him very well, she would have suffered so much today.”