Heineken “Sometimes, lighter is better” Ad dropped because of Chance the Rapper’s Tweet


Heineken has removed an advertisement of its light beer Heineken Light after Chance the Rapper referred to it as “terribly racist.” The ad had featured a bartender sliding a bottle of the beer past several black bodies until it finally reached a lighter skinned woman.

The tagline read: “Sometimes, lighter is better.”

Chance, on his Tweeter page, wrote:

I think some companies are purposely putting out noticeably racist ads so they can get more views. And that shit racist/bogus so I guess I shouldn’t help by posting about it. But
I gotta just say tho. The “sometimes lighter is better” Heineken commercial is terribly racist omg I’m not saying boycott them or go off I’m just noticing how often it happens and I think they baiting consumers and tweeters and freelancers and shit. Like I didn’t wanna tweet about it so bad but its like how can you not

Chance The Rapper also clarified that his point was that these companies are intentionally putting out “racist ads” to get more views.

You missed the entire point, I was pointing out that alot of these marketing agencies are doing willfully so we overreact and tweet about it, and you write an article and tweet, and we all say their brand name 50 times. Thats the first sentence of my shit. And u didnt mention it. – Chance The Rapper