HELP!! My child is 8 months and wife is pregnant again


According to Naijaloaded, A friend shared his story with them.

Read below:

He got married in October 2018, had a baby in July 2019.

His wife had a fibroid in her uterus hence a ceasarian operation was carried out.

A few days ago they went for a scan to see what the fibroid looks like.

To his amazement, he was told his wife is 10 weeks pregnant.

The young man is devastated.

He is struggling to take care of his baby and his family. Only to be shocked with this news of a 10-week-old pregnancy.

He is contemplating aborting the pregnancy.

He doesn’t know if 8 months is enough time for his wife’s body to have healed.

I strongly advised him against this.

His wife is unwilling to abort the baby.



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