Amazing Transformation Photos Of A Homeless Man Rescued By A Young Gentleman


Awesome transformation pictures of a man everyone living around lokoja believes to be a mad man,after a young man rescues,feeds,cloth and sheltered him.

The young man simply identified as Hon Ohikwo Ahmed,a resident of Newlayout Lokoja has really done noble with this kind gesture.

A facebook user shared the post and these write-up…READ

Hon Hon Ohikwo Ahmed a young Newlayout Lokoja A young Man in his usual way ,Not as rich or blessed as you and I,but took our time to mingle with a man everyone tagged Insane .or having a mental problem.

Clothes him,Bath him ,shaved him and even feeds him.
He Wrote”to my greatest surprise! it may be him today who knows who’s turn it may be tomorrow? all I know is that i mingle with everybody even him that is in these situation today, is not that he offended God and we that are OK today is not that we bribe God. May God help us”

His passion and Love got my attention and tears of Joy dropped from my eyes.
Ohiwko even the Heaven’s are happy with you and God will soon reward you kind heart.

Do Good all the time! The Reward for Good is Good.