Hon. Patrick Obahiagbon: Raid on National Assembly is ‘deservable of an acidic excoriation and corrosive pummeling’



Former member of the House of Representatives and current Chief of Staff to the Edo State Governor Adams Oshiomhole,Hon. Patrick Obahiagbon, would not cease to amaze Nigerians with his high command of English mixed with a smattering of Latin or whatever language he pleases to use at any given time.


The Edo State born lawyer turned politician whose tenure in the House completely confused his colleagues, has been quiet for a while now but after the brouhaha at the National Assembly where honourable members were locked out, chased away and tear gassed yesterday by the police, he took to his Twitter account and lambasted the scenario in, well, his own way.

Read what he said:

The presidential invasion of the National Assembly which was unscrupulously executed by its pursuivant inspector general of police had all the trappings of an entebbe raid and executive rascality which is deservable of an acidic excoriation and corrosive pummeling. The impeachment gambit is however a frankeinstous yoyo with a potency for an erebus prone whirligig.
Read his tweet here:

What do you think he is actually trying to say?