In Honor of No Bra Day


All body parts are beautiful, and made to fit even if our human ideology is yet to accept that, but all bodies are perfect.

We all love some part of our body more than some other parts and others like some part of our body too, maybe some parts we’ve never notice how beautiful they are, beauty they say is in the eye of the beholder. Amongst the part of the body the boobs are just one of the greatest part ever made, they are always beautiful and pretty.

The fit of the breast in clothes you can always comprehend, they will always make you smile at the wonder of how beautiful they make perfect and just make you appreciate the body even more. Boobs are masterpieces.

Size doesn’t matter, it always fit and can be channeled into the prettiest form, they’ve got a mind of their own, they always flow with the true rhythm, they’ll always remind you of what the real and true feelings are, they just help you express your emotions, of how much joy and happiness you possess that time, the pleasure you crave, they just express it all. The boobs heal, they heal our ego and reassure us that we’ve got a beautiful body.

Her charm you can’t resist, her prowess you’ll be obsessed with, she’s the life of the party every time, she’s the pride and comforting, always looking pretty on her own and when adorn she just turn into a goddess and takes over, producing the right rhymes to fit the mood, she swings your mood the right way, she’s the goddess, always true and plain.

Sometimes she’s just the only accessories you need when you dress up, she completes your style and makes you a piece of scarce art, she makes you always wanted, always want to be love, she’s never sad, ever ready to react to every touch, she triggers the right feel and provide you with the best expression you can’t hide, the pleasure. Their hold is always interesting and artistic and can be held is series of ways, you just get creative with it, they comfort whatever, soft and real.

How you carry them shows how much confidence you’ve got, how much you’ve been free and how much you appreciate your body. Our body is a beautiful piece.