Housemaid accused of witchcraft allegedly confesses to sucking her late boss’ blood


A 41 year old mother of three, Mrs Foluke Olusola Joseph died on October 2, 2017 in Ibadan, Oyo state and her family alleges that their 11-year-old housemaid is responsible for her death.

Read the post by Facebook user, Abiodun Olayinka:

Ephesians 6:12

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

I would have loved to hide the identities of the family but deep inside me I felt I should share the whole scenario not because I have no respect for the family but to use the occurrence to help so many of us that might fall victim and I believe you all would bear with me.

Share the story, warn your wives and entire house of the danger of just bringing into your house a total stranger as housemaid.

It all began on Tuesday night, the 2nd of October 2017, when as usual, Honourable Femi Kehinde, Uncle Segeto and I were all hold up in the hotel discussing. Nocturnal lifestyle has become a norm for me for a while now since I started working with politicians and in the deep of the meeting, Honourable screamed and his countenance suddenly changed from that of a happy man to a crying baby whose mother has just spanked for one offence or the other.
His eyes became soaked with tears all of a sudden and could only muttered few words
‘Please we have to suspend whatever we are doing right now and drive straight to Felele to see Femi’
Uncle Segeto could not fathom the reason but Honourable muttered few strength to explained

‘I have just read on the Facebook the sudden death of the wife of my close ally, Femi or don’t you know Femi ? he asked
We all rushed downstairs  straight to Uncle Segun cars, It was sometime around 9 30pm and I knew right there that I may not get back to my house till around 12midnight if not I have to stay at the hotel for the best reasons known to me.

Honourable was fighting to control the tears strolling down his cheeks while explaining to us the relationship between him and Femi which existed for about two decades and I could only nod my heads like that of agama liazard in agreement  though I never knew who that Femi is .

After navigating into Bello street at Fellele, Lagelu estate, the abode of the deceased  was still at the extreme end of Felele toward Iwo road express way, the house was a bungalow and everywhere was still apparently because of the sad event which occurs at the wee hours of Monday, the 2nd of October 2019.

Two men whom I believe are family members of the bereaved were around to sympathise with the widower, they lay on the floor and later sat on the couch to receive us.

‘Femi, How and when did it happen, for how long have you been on it that you didn’t carry me along, was she sick or what? Honourable Femi  Kehinde queried and could not hold back his confusion and anger and hope the news was just a mere rumour.

He mandated the widower to call the Doctor who treated her last, apparently to determine the cause and source of her death probably because ‘Baba mi oo’ as we call the Honourable is a barrister.

Femi, the husband seems not to have come to terms that the love of his life has just said goodbye to him forever yet , he simply replied the barrage of question from the erudite lawyer mildly

‘Uncle, I think this must just be a TV soap or something from a Nollywood act that we watch. He began,
‘ I often watch this kind of storyline in movies and believe its just a superfluous act. I hear these fallacies on radio station and never really believe they are true anyway.

‘how do I begin to explain the mysterious way my wife died from the wickedness and witchcraft of an eleven year old maid who spent barely seven months with us?

‘How can I explain that a child we brought into this  house sometimes in April, fed  and treated her well could  be the cause of the untimely death of my wife who ends up confessing that she has been feeding fat sucking the blood of my wife for that past six months?

This is bizzare

Hmmmm….This is becoming interesting, I laid back and listened  attentively to these tales from moonlight. Yea …I’m very spiritual but to be in the thick of the action is not something I experience often.

‘Crime stories are often very interesting because it happens to someone else’, goes a popular adage but the Yorubas would say, Eni Ija o ba , lo npe ara e lokunrin’ another one says Eni Esu o tan, lo nso pe oun gbon’
(It’s when you have never fought a battle that you think you are man and He that has never fallen prey to devil’s deceit thinks he is wise)
not until the widower played back both the audio and the visual of the true confession of the witch in question from his mobile device that I began to believe.

Hello doctor, the widower began the discussion and eventually handed the phone over to Honuorable Barrister Lawyer’.