How to Dress to Catch People’s Attention

Fashion is fun and interesting and it’s meant to catch people’s attention at least to make the people looking at you have a good view and making it worth their while.
Go head-to-toe – The conversation point now? Dressing to excess with the nonchalance of an aristocrat. Adopt a nose-to-tail approach and speed into a new era of desirability.


Belt it – Hermès and Gucci have built a cult following for their glyph-adorned waist belts, but Off-White has revitalised a retro stretch alternative. Pair with the matching boots for the ultimate power play.


Are your ankles fully dressed? – A penchant for name-dropping via a bag or coat is par for the course, but the chicest logo-adopters are dressing their ankles in ticker tape of the Dior variety.


Knit one, pearl one – Loewe’s homespun cotton-blend yarn is an ironic nod to the Fair Isle trend that’s on the ascent for autumn – consider this the subtlest way to brand yourself.


Transparency rules – Classic, heritage style. The point of difference now? Knowing subversion, with a return to the pre-1999 logo and the season’s hit see-through shopper


Fade to black – An inky backdrop surrenders the spotlight to punchy graphics. The double F is back at Fendi and stealing the show.