I have had a crush on Davido for years – Nollywood actress reveals


Beautiful Yoruba actress, Peju Johnson, is a fast-rising actress in the Yoruba sector of Nollywood.

Johnson who relocated from Egypt to Nigeria in 2016 to pursue her passion for acting, has opened up on her admiration for Nigerian pop-star, Davido.

In her words:

“My celebrity crush is Davido. He is very humble, hardworking and caring. I have had a crush on him since 2013.”

The Ile Ife, Osun State-born actress who has featured in over 13 films since her return to the country in 2016, noted that women are to be blamed for the baby mama trend.

In her words:

“As a woman, you shouldn’t be having unprotected sex with a man you know deep down is not ready for marriage. If a man isn’t ready and you having unprotected sex with him you should know you will end up being a baby mama. You should face any drama that comes with it. Sometimes, most of these women also do it intentionally thinking he is going to end up marrying them or end up paying child support. For some, it is even a business.”

Asked if she has ever been a victim of sexual harassment in Nollywood, the pretty role interpreter said:

“No I haven’t. I can actually recall a time when an actor once whispered into my ears, requesting for sex from me on a movie set. He said he is going to help me. He also kept pestering me. But it can never happen.”

On how she handles the attention from her male fans, Peju said:

“It has not been easy fighting them off. But I simply let them know I am not searching. For those who believe all it takes to win a woman’s heart is money, I let them know I am not the type. I hardly give people audience. It is very hard to get my contacts or to even see me. Only a man that attracts me naturally can win my heart.”



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