I have received 2 threat calls from overseas asking me to back off on 5G – Dino Melaye claims


Former Nigerian Senator, Dino Melaye, who has been among those at the fore front against the 5th Generation 5G Network, in a latest statement on Sunday revealed he has received 2 international calls threatening him to back off on the issue.

He made this known via his social media handle as he revealed that he is not killable by man.

Dino Melaye wrote, ‘I have received 2 international calls threatening me and warning me to back off the 5G issue. I was told by the last caller that 5G is bigger than Presidents of nations so i should stop. And i told him it is not bigger than God. I am not killable by man.”

The former Senator in a previous tweet had called on the Nigerian government to take proactive steps and not allowed 5G in the country.

He said, “Whether it is true or not that they are already laying cables of 5G in Nigeria or not. Govt must not allow it in Nigeria and should take a proactive step in that regard. 4G that is here in Nigeria sef na problem. 3G dey do everything i need i beg… We must watch out”