I value my vagina, says video vixen, Queennerfatiti


Skilled video vixen and model, simply identified as Queennerfatiti, says she has never had sex with any director, artiste or promoter in exchange for jobs because she places a great value on her female genital organ.

Queennerfatiti said she believes in her talent and she’s true to her craft hence she doesn’t need to get jobs through sexual rendezvous with these “sexual predators.”

The video vixen made these claims while reacting to Pretty Mike’s earlier statements accusing cinematographers and video directors of taking advantage of gullible video vixens who want to remain relevant in the competitive entertainment industry.

She further said she has never encouraged upcoming models to pay their way up with their bodies, adding that only a few old hands can boost of being rich through legitimate means.

See Queennerfatiti’s post:


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