I was raped by my own dad at eight, lady reveals


A lady has gone on Instagram to share some painful memories from her childhood days.

According to her, she was raped at the age of eight by her own dad, who always comes home high on alcoholic beverages.

Writing her story on her ‘the.churchgurl’ Instagram page, the lady – who claims she shakes her buttocks for a living, said her father would rape her again after the initial incident.

Read her story below,

Finally gathered the courage to write my true life story out here.

I was 8 that cold night my dad had come home drunk as usual, I was sleeping on the couch in the parlour, I had pee on my body as usual, always peeing almost every night, my dad had chased everyone out of the house as at 12am in the morning I was still sleeping so I had no idea what was going on. I felt something in my vagina it was quite painful at same time watery, I woke up (half-awake but feeling sleepy) opened my eyes and found my dad almost naked standing close to me with my pant on his hands, my vagina was wet with some slippery fluid (what I didn’t know was sperm or normal discharge) I was 8 so I don’t have such discharge, I was naked, I remember sleeping with clothes on, what came to my mind was why was my dad with my pant and why was my vagina wet with slippery substances that looks white, my dad stared at me and gave me back my pant, asked me to wash up and put it back on.

I felt some sharp pain in my vagina but wasn’t too severe so I didn’t bother, I was only 8 so what do I know about sexual abuse, no one was in the house because it was my dad’s routine to chase everyone out when he comes home drunk.

The next morning I couldn’t talk to my mom about it, a few months later, my dad got drunk again but not to stupor, he asked me to go sleep in his room that night that I shouldn’t tell anyone, what was his intention ??? He had chased my mom and siblings out again, was he trying to do to me what I felt that night, I refused, he promised to get me toys if I slept in his room.

The memories of this still hurts me till date until I was finally raped by a guy in school, why are men like this? If my own dad can molest me, why can’t any other person do the same to me.

I’m just going to tell all mothers to please be at alert and watch their female kids around relatives and even their own husbands. The female child are not safe anymore. God pls clean my mind from such memories, I have been having nightmares for 12 years now, it never goes a day without me thinking about how I was molested by my own blood father that I love with all my heart, may his soul rest in perfect peace.


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