Ighalo allegedly dumps his wife for being disrespectful


Ighalo has dumped his wife, over her disrespectful behaviour towards his mother and brother.

According to media reports, Sonia had bad blood with Ighalo’s sister of blessed memory. She is reported to have refused to acknowledge the death of the lady. Ighalo’s junior brother is believed to have been in several bust-ups with Sonia over her disapproval of him visiting his brother’s house.

Sonia is not in support of the way and manner her in-laws interfere in her marital affairs. Ighalo, who doesn’t seem to agree with his wife has resorted to calling it to quit. Both Jude and Sonia Ighalo have been seen without their wedding rings and change of names on social media. Sonia was first to revert to her father’s name.

See image below:

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