Illbliss says goodbye to Nigeria music industry


The Capital Hill Music/Goretti Company artiste made this announcement on his Instagram page moments ago.

Thank you all for being with me through this amazing Musical Journey,” he wrote, adding, “GoodBYE.. To the Game…I’m GONE… Next Chapter.”

While many of his fans are barraging him with comments, asking why the unprecedented decision, some others wonder if it has to do with the poor reception of the rap culture in the country.

In May, the ‘Ayakata’ rapper got into a messy Twitter feud after he lashed out at a fan who said he had no business in the hip hop world.

Oga Bliss, rappin is not your calling. What you are doing, is that one called rap? You’ll now be forming boss, on top wetin?” The Twitter user PasqalEriq said.

Upset, Illbliss went off on a misogynistic rant about his critics’ mother, wishing for the woman to get raped by a ‘thousand bats’, and also wishing that horrible things happen to his critic.

Now, he has said goodbye to the industry, leaving us wondering why he made the impromptu decision – especially because he was only recently writing about how #Powerful his third album is.