I’m scared of falling in love again – Toyin Aimakhu


ToyinPopular Yoruba actress, Toyin Aimakhu, has revealed that she is scared of falling in love again.

Toyin has been in two relationships that was made public and both ended up in a messy drama.

She was married to the first one, Nollywood actor,Niyi Johnson, and later had an affair with movie producer Seun Egbegbe.

The first relationship ended with Toyin claiming Niyi cheated on her while the other relationship ended in a messy saga with Segun dragging Toyin on different platforms using insulting words about their relationship.

In an exclusive interview with Fashion Buzz TV, Toyin reveals that she doesn’t think she can love again.

However she prays the Lord guides her in matters of the heart as she is now a willing servant.

Read interview excerpts below:

“I am scared.

I don’t think I can even love again.

I am scared to love.

I am over it but I can”t be healed.

There is no point lying about it.

There are some things you can’t lie about.

I hope I would be healed

This is actually a joke but if I see a good white man, I don’t know.

I know whatever God wants.

He always wanted me to be his servant and I rejected.

But now, I’m with him…whatever he wants,” Toyin stated.