In Honour of Cancer Awareness Month – Poke Editorial

Poke Magazine
Photography by Alfe Studios for Poke Magazine

Breast cancer is one thing we are wishing it’s not happening right now, because it’s effect is bad and ego crushing but time is moving on with it and the support is beautiful and good and up lifting as many are beginning to understand it, the awareness and the interesting part is people’s love for breast did not really change, they still sees it as breast and that’s all that matters.

The pink ribbon that symbolizes the breast cancer is one pretty color that best depict the beauty of breast, it best fit the title ode to boobs in honor of breast cancer day, soon we pray the world find a cure.

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Pictures interestingly shot and you can’t help but give it your attention as that is the best respect you can pay to it, it’s art and the charm of the model in the photo you’ll appreciate as she was able to interpret the vibe.

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Editorial by @the.alfe for Poke Africa Magazine (@pokeafrica ) in honour of Breast Cancer Awareness Month;
Makeup & Styling – @makeupbykofo
Model – @adun_osilowo
Photography – @the.alfe for @alfestudios
Assists – @falade_lukmon
Cap & Tshirt – @nack_apparel