Incase You still in doubt ,See video of JAMB clerk saying ‘snake mysteriously swallowed N36m’

Jamb Saga

This video was released after JAMB alleged that a clerk in their Benue State office that blamed a snake for mysteriously swallowing the sum of N36million denied she ever said that.

A video of Philomina Chieshe, a sales clerk in the office of the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) in Benue state, saying a snake mysteriously swallowed the missing N36m, has surfaced.

The video was released about 24 hours after Chieshe denied saying the money was swallowed by a snake.

She had told CNN that the claim was fabricated and that nobody questioned her about the missing money.

“I wonder why they are personalising the case? I did not say any money was swallowed by a snake,” Chieshe had told CNN.

“Nobody questioned me about that case. I am just a clerk and I serve under directors who are accounting officers. I wonder why they are personalising the case?”

But in a video released by The Sun, Chieshe told board members that the money got missing in a “mysterious” way.

“It is a mystery. I myself, whenever I am taking the money to the bank, I am not able to account for what I got, until my house help, when we went for confession, fell down and confessed in Jos when prayers started,” Chieshe said in the video.

“And she said a lot of things that she is the one behind what is happening to me at the office.

“That there is a snake that comes mysteriously whenever I open the safe and swallows the cash.

“Mysteriously, nothing was amounting to what I was having.”

Members of the investigating board burst into laughter when Chieshe stated her claims, asking if it was the scratch cards or the cash that the snake swallowed.Chieshe nodded and said “exactly”, that the snake swallowed the cash.

see the video: