India’s first transgender couple set to wed


India’s first transgender couple, Sukanyeah Krishna and Aarav Appukuttan, are set to wed in November this year.

Aarav, 46, was assigned female, while Sukanyeah, 22, was assigned male.

Both are from Kerala and met by chance at a hospital about three years ago with the duo not knowing they have to do a sex reassignment surgery at the time.

Speaking to India Better Times, Aarav said he was attracted to Sukanyeah and thought to talk to her.

”When I saw her, I couldn’t resist talking to her,” Aarav Appukuttan said.

“I saw her and I was really curious to get to know her. So, I initiated the conversation and we started talking.”

When their sexes were changed, Aarav said he made the move and proposed to her, in spite of the age gap.

“We’ve applied to get our sex changed in all our documents, and that takes a lot of time,” Aarav said. “As soon as that’s done, we will tie the knot.

”I want it to be a legal marriage, so it’s easier for us to adopt a child. You can’t do that without a marriage certificate.”