Islamis State hints at attacks in London, Berlin and Rome


isissThe Islamic State militant group has released a video on Tuesday, suggesting it may carry out further attacks in the West, naming London, Berlin and Rome as possible targets.

A report from Cairo said the video which showed images of the UK Parliament and Eiffel Tower crashing to the ground also showed footage of the Paris and Brussels attacks as well as 9/11 strikes, calling previous massacres a “cautionary message’’.

A member of the militant group narrated in English with a thick Arab accent that the ISIS terrorists carried out the suicide bombings and shootings in Paris to wipe out ‘kuffars’ or non-Muslims.

“If it was Paris yesterday, and today Brussels, Allah knows where it will be tomorrow. Maybe it will be in London or Berlin or Rome.

“Nations of the cross, this message is for you. Know that your options are few, either you join Islam, or pay tribute, or freeze the war.

The video also showed other iconic European landmarks such as the Rome’s Coliseum interplayed with footage of executions and beheadings from Syria and Iraq.

“The soldiers went out to the ground and street of Paris and killed the kuffars.

“This invasion was just a cautionary message to the nations of the cross,” it said.

The group also claimed responsibility for bombings that killed 31 people in Brussels in March and attacks in Paris last November that killed 130.