It was 00:00 Some Hours Ago

Fashion Time line
London Fashion Week Street Style

Writing a post a night before, a night before it’s tomorrow and soon it will be 00:00, soon it will be tomorrow, the next day, but sitting without the clue of what to write but it’s count down to the end of the year and it’s the season of celebration and beautiful lights and the sound of 2Baba filled this air right here, the lyrics of Dance in the Rain will make you appreciate the weather of Lagos because it can rain almost any time and you can dance in the rain, happy romantic dance even as you rejoice it’s a time of celebration and soon it will be next year.

But really how well have we spent this year, awesome or filled with regrets and wishes and for some getting married to the love of their life, for some maybe loosing someone that is dare to them, for some maybe getting that dream job, it’s different story every where, for some even is for having to attend Heineken Lagos Fashion and Design Week, for some meeting Deji Alara and having to shake his hands, it’s a different success and different fails but right now is the perfect time to start again if need be or to make new dreams or new decision even, it’s the perfect time to be true to one self again.

The fun in the air soon, the joy around and the aroma of food and chicken and parties and laughter and clothes shopping and love rekindling, lights and happiness and forgiveness even, it’s count down to the end of 2017 and soon it will be 2018.

It’s been 1992 before, even 1999 and even the millennium and the world experienced something different that change humanity, the digitization of everything even how we think, we stop thinking in the analog way but digital, then 2005, 2007 and now 2017 and soon it will be 2018, so it’s making every of each time interesting and fun, you own it.

Guess it’s Happy New Month after all.