It’s a Movement #ispoliceyourfriend by Rugged Man

Nigeria Police
In this country a lot of us are scared of the police and we avoid them like plague, we don’t want anything to do with them. Rugged Man talking from his own point of view the thought of most Nigerians and how they see police and their slogan of Police is your friend.
A super brilliant and highly educative video, depicting the very current realities of our time. An organisation set up by law to protect the people, who instead of doing what they are constitutionally mandated to do, have turned into the law themselves.
So in seeking to interpret the law their own way have resorted to brutalising, molesting, degrading, disgracing, dehumanising and stealing from those they were to protect. The people are more afraid of those that should protect them then even the criminal elements.

The people are generally suspicious of every move and motives of the Nigerian Police in general. And that’s because a majority of the people have been dealt with mercilessly by them. That Ruggedman has thought to bring attention to this terrible malaise is commendable. If we remain quiet and this police brutality continues it is to our own disadvantage.