Iyabo Ojo: I have a new man in my life



Nollywood Yoruba movie actress Iyabo Ojo opens up about her current love life.

In an interview with Encomium Magazine on September 13, 2014 the divorced mother of two spoke up about moving on to a new man after her divorce.

Iyabo Ojo who recently shot her first English movie role called ‘Silence’ mentioned her man as her support system in funding her new movie which she said cost a couple of millions.

When asked about the identity of her new man the actress said  “It’s not yet time to tell anybody who the man is, I am not ready for that, it is my private life and I want it to be left so, I want to keep it as private as possible. Yes, that’s how I want it for now, you can’t be out there and then throw your relationship out there, you get to have lot of people get involved in the relationship and that will cause a lot of trouble for you, we have done that in the past, so right now, whoever I am in love with should be kept out of public eyes. All I know is that I love my man, we have been together for a while and I love to keep the relationship as private as possible”.