Jada Pinkett Smith shares intimate picture on Facebook



What happens in the bedroom stays in the bedroom?

Not for Jada Pinkett Smith, apparently! The Gotham actressposted a sexy selfie to her Facebook account – only she claims she didn’t take it! The photo shows the star’s naked backside, allegedly taken by her husband, Will Smith.

Jada captioned the artsy photo with a comment about her husband’s “sexy secret” and how she enjoys “getting a glimpse” of herself through the “Fresh Prince’s” eyes.

Jada (1)

“I discovered the sexiest secret the other day. My husband takes pics of me in my sleep. He has a whole stash he revealed to me and I really enjoyed getting a glimpse of myself through his eyes. I had to share one with you guys. Life is art. Life is beauty,” the Gotham star wrote on Facebook.

For the several years, the Smiths have battled tabloid rumors that their marriage is a sham and a divorce is imminent. It looks like those rumors were and continue to be just nonsense, which is a good thing. This is one of those couple’s no one wants to see split.