DJ Khaled Shouts Out To Jay-Z On NFL Efforts …Says ‘He’s A Man Of The People’


Jay-Z hasn’t had a ton of famous faces come to his corner in the wake of his controversial NFL partnership — but he just got a key vote of confidence … from one DJ Khaled.

We ran into Khaled Sunday in NYC, where he was signing autographs and posing with fans — and when we asked if he was up for some questions … he was quick to note that he only wanted to talk about positive things, seeing how his son, Asahd, and wife were there.

Seems DJK knew were this was going, because our photog asks if he’s down to talk football — clearly, we want his take on the Colin Kaepernick beef. At first, Khaled says no, but he finally bites … and we ask if he’s talked to Jay’s about which NFL team he might wanna own.Play video content

Khaled says he doesn’t have a clue which squad might be in the stars for Jay, but he sings his praises here with us. Check it out … it’s pretty interesting.

TMZ broke the story … Jay-Z is set to come up on a “significant ownership interest” in an NFL team pretty soon here, which just so happens to coincide with this newfound embrace of the league … despite public stances he took against them earlier this year.

As we’ve reported … a ton of people in Kap’s corner have blasted Jigga for the seemingly change of heart, and even Colin himself appeared to take a jab at the rapper just this weekend.

That said, Khaled’s clearly on team Jay, telling us the guy has done and continues to do a lot for people in his community — and he suggests this NFL news is just more of that from Hov. Keep in mind, Khaled and Jay are tight — they’ve done tons of music together.

We also ask if he’d ever consider snatching up a team himself. Watch … he ain’t saying no.