Jidenna Attacks Trump on His Sh-thole Comments about Africa


Singer Jidenna has in a series of tweets responded to US President Donald Trump‘s comments where he described Haiti and African nations as “s—hole countries.”

Jidenna wrote that although he’s not a fan of discussing Trump, comments like Trump’s most recent actually give the US more power.

He wrote about living and working in predominantly Haitian neighborhoods and thanked the country for teaching him more than the “s—hole president” ever wil

See his tweets below:

I don’t like talking bout this f–kboy cuz it gives him more power…but comments like #ShitholeCountries etc. are actually giving US more power. You can’t have Moses without Pharoah. ?

I pray that we as Africans & people of the African Diaspora continue to work tirelessly to build more beauty in our land(s) so that no one can find any single reason to call our nations #ShitholeCountries. Let this be a catalyst for courageous leadership and righteous governance.

I’ve lived & worked in predominantly Haitian neighborhoods for more than half my life from Mattapan, Boston to East Flatbush, Brooklyn. I want to thank you ?? for raising me via your Diaspora and teaching me more than a #ShitholePresident ever will

?? was the First Nation in the African Diaspora to win its independence. It paved the way for freedom fighters not only in the Diaspora but on the Continent. ?? will always be a beacon of light for me in the face of the neocolonialism that tries to create #ShitholeCountries