Joseph Benjamin “I apologize to every girl I must have hurt”



Ghanaian actor Joseph Benjamin is a popular actor in Nigeria and also his home country Ghana.

There is this strange feeling that comes upon people at the end of a year where they feel the need to apologize to everyone they have hurt; Joseph Benjamin seems to have fallen victim as well.

The Mr & Mrs actor took to his Instagram page to post a lengthy message apologizing to every lady he has ever hurt saying :

“#Realtalk #Maninthemirror #Letsbereal #Brothersletskeepittogether. This is me being real, and using this medium to apologize to every girl out, there that I must have hurt by no intents of mine. My life is a steady onward journey, I am learning everyday and every phase of my life teaches me. I fall and rise, and only made righteous by God, not by any good works I have done or will do. Please do accept my sincere apology, if I have never said it face to face. This is a public platform and hey if I am ashamed of who I was, and willing to let go of that and become a better person. I don’t think I should be ashamed to say it and become stronger”

Joseph Benjamin is a divorced father with 2 kids.