Kalakuta Queens #Melanin

African Queens

Let’s come home a little, let’s reflect on our skin and the fun things that’s happening, the Kalakuta Queens, if you are really a fan of Fela, you’ll always love his queens because they bring the groove alive and even baba love their groove, they just make the perfect match.

We celebrate baba every day, every year but his queens we celebrate less, but Terra Kulture brought them to the lime light and just cast our attention to the queen and now, o ooh, we loved them more because they define much, they define pride and confidence and faith in what they believe in, they’ve got passion and they’ve got vibe and they are sexy and erotic, they’ve got the African woman sexiness.

These women right now are inspiring photographers and new culture, new breed of women and ideas. It’s ok to be you.

Motolani Olorungbon shot this photo as Melanin Tuesday