The Kardashian girls deny sleeping with The Game


The girls have reacted to rapper The Game’s claim that he slept with three Kardashian girls.

He made the claim in a song titled ‘Sauce’. The source says he was wrong about at least two.

Read TMZ reports below:

“Sources close to the Kardashians tell us you can count out Kylie, Kendall, Khloe,Kourtney and Kris … none of them had sex with Game. The sources acknowledge Kimdated Game back in the day … so that one’s on the table for discussion, but that’s it.

Khloe and Game have been pals for years, but the Kardashian sources are adamant … strictly platonic.

That said, there’s an interesting nugget. Game reached out to Kanye to get his blessing for the song, and Kanye said he didn’t have a dog in the fight. Interesting … Game didn’t call Kim.

But … we know Game sticks by his story. He nailed 3 of them.