Kcee Criticize Osagie for Talking Bad About artists in Nigerian Entertainment Industry


Five State music act, Kcee has reacted to the controversial ‘Loose Talk Podcast’ by journalist, Osagie Alonge where alot of unflattering statements were made about artists in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

Though Osagie has since taken down the podcast and apologised for his words, Kcee feels he doesn’t deserve to be talking about the entertainment industry again.

In his words, ‘I dont know who Osagie is, I just heard of him yesterday and if I want to be modest, he doesn’t deserve to be talking about the entertainment industry. He needs to go back to the village because he can’t just wake up and start talking about people the way he did’.

He added that, ‘without taking sides, I felt sad when I heard the things he said because alot of people put in a lot of work to make the industry grow and you can’t just wake up to rubbish their efforts with harsh words and going as far as insulting someone like Sunday Are who has been in the game for so long. I think he needs to apologise to everyone he talked about’.


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”Osagie doesn’t deserve to be talking about the entertainment industry. he needs to go back to the village”- Kcee

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