Kcee Semi-Nude Shoot #bullionsquad

Semi-Nude Kcee

FOCUS~ Sometimes in order to get to the next level, you need to separate yourself from others and face the man in the mirror. #bullionsquad #bullionvan –  Kcee

With that said guess he’s facing that man in the mirror and doing the things that man in the mirror told him to do and that’s this semi-nude shoot that’s he’s littering our time line with, we love it though, showing how confidence he his with his body and showing the gains of being a regular in the gym, hard-work pays and this is a prove.

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The joy of a new wave. Music brings joy, proud to be a conveyor of a positive movement. Good morning #bullionsquad #bullionvan – Kcee

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It’s obvious when we see new set of photos of an artiste on Instagram we already know there’s something coming, new music, maybe new label or new video and especially maybe birthday celebration sometimes and they’ll just make us anticipate, well for Kcee it’s his birthday soon and we are waiting for where this semi-nude shoot will lead to, can bet many ladies won’t mind it leading to a complete nude shoot, if he can pull this off, what can’t he do and also he’s asking for an account to wire to, guess these shoot will come with some massive give away different from the ones he has been giving away.

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