Kenyan’s Kipsang speaks with Shakara Square correspondence in Nairobi


Talk of Kipsang , Two thing stands out ,his music and style .Though many might not have a clear  hint of the Kalenjin language that he sings , his music flows .

Kipsang who is under Hailemind  label riding high on  songs like talk about us , despacito and mbali Na Mimi spoke exclusively to shakara square entertainment Kenya correspondence ,Erick about his music and his aspirations .

In a nutshell who is kipsang ?kipsang is a musician , based in Nairobi and a new act in the market trying to grow his brand .
When did you start doing music and what were your  earlier influencers ? I started music way back  from childhood influenced by my family that was into music .
Many know you from you gospel track walwech , did you transit from gospel to secular ?I was actually a contemporary artist from the word go , I was never a gospel artist per say it’s just branding that people do , people branded me a gospel artist .
The new musical outlook of kipsang is impressive , from hits after hits what’s the motivation ?
I have a strong team that values my work and it’s fair enough to deliver good music because alot of  the things are done by the management so I only focus on giving good music .
Talking of being under a  management , many artists have been up in arms accusing their management of denying them an opportunity to be consistent ,how is your relationship with hailemind ?
It’s fantastic .As for the other artist I don’t  know what contracts they sign but for me it’s working you see the relationship between  a musician  and management should be a collective idea because all of us are after a similar goal .
You were nominated for the pulse music and video awards   , how  was the feeling ? It was pretty cool , like they say they were about 600 entries , being shortlisted ,I mean it was a blessing and a validation that my work is being recognized out there .
What should people expect from you come 2018?2018 is going to be bigger and better to  my kalenjin people I’ve got some amazing kalenjin songs it’s no longer  going to be despacito mash up I have got original songs , I can’t wait to release waskize .
Advice to young people passionate about music and who look upto you ? Key advice is , they should put prayers and patience ahead and also focus on doing songs that will distinct them from the rest .