Khloe Kardashian – Three craziest places i have had sex


1-khloe-kardashian-beauty-91-613x409Reality TV star,Khloe Kardashian,took to her website/app to talk about the three craziest places she has had sex.

“I’m not out there getting freaky in the craziest places, but I’ve had my fair share of chasing a thrill,” Khloe wrote on her website/app. “Just for fun, I rated the three wildest places I’ve gotten down and dirty, LOL!!!”, Khloe wrote.

Khloe went ahead and stated the places and the experiences:

MY RATING FOR THE PRIVATE PLANE IS: 5/5 “Doing it on a private plane is great, especially when there are other passengers on board. It’s part of the thrill! I walked into the bathroom first and then he followed so it wasn’t exactly stealth, haha!!!

Everyone obviously knew what was going on in and when I walked out, they asked if we had fun, LOL!!!”

MY RATING FOR THE MOVING CAR IS: 2/5″Don’t try this at home! Someone else was driving and I was in the backseat, but I’m a tall girl so it feels cramped and it hurts my fu*king knees.

Getting down in a moving car is a waste of time, because nothing happens for me. I just don’t get to the finish line! If you’re down for a thrill, then by all means, but this one gets a low rating from me!”

MY RATING FOR THE KITCHEN COUNTER IS: 5/5 You’re at home, so it’s comfortable, but it’s still a little different than the norm.

A marble kitchen counter is sexy, thrilling … and cold, LOL!

“Beds are like, so last year. But having sex on a kitchen counter — specifically a marble kitchen counter — will give you and your partner back the thrill you’ve been missing in your boring relationship!” ,Khloe wrote.